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The Retirement Investing Institute is committed to offering and encouraging investor education for all times of life. Households and individuals typically face three major financial goals in life. Chronologically, these are purchasing a house (usually with a small down-payment), educating the children, and accumulating sufficient assets to provide for a desired retirement lifestyle. The last of these, of course, requires the greatest amount of saving and investing.

Because there are millions of investors who need help, and because of potential liability issues, R-I-I cannot provide individualized specific investment advice. We can and do conduct live educational events, and we point to useful resources provided by other organizations who truly educate without selling. Understandably, but unfortunately for the consumer, the latter are few in number.

We invite your input and questions again excluding specific individual investment advice. We will help in any ways we can. We also encourage your suggestions on website-topic expansion as well as proposed topics for educational events.

Our phone is 303-988-2296. We do not maintain a large and expensive office staff, so you will often encounter an answering machine when you call. Do not hang up and try again later. Speak to the machine. We will reply as soon as possible.

 The e-mail for our president is  He routinely responds to e-mails on a daily basis.


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