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Market Psychology

If you think markets are always efficient and logical, the selections here
will open your eyes to what really makes markets move. The fundamentals are not the whole story, by any means!  Understanding the powerful psychological forces that move investors to often- badly-timed action will help you to acquire the mental discipline that is required for success in both investing and trading.

Inside the Investor's Brain

Richard L. Peterson          Wiley Trading


Your Money & Your Brain

Jason Zweig          Simon & Shuster


Mind Over Money 

John Schott, MD         Little Brown

The Nature of Risk 

Justin Mamis       Addison Wesley

Volume Cycles in the Stock Market* 

Richard Arms      Equus International

The Psychology of Smart Investing

Epstein & Garfield        Wiley

The Misbehavior of Markets

Benoit Mandelbrodt      Basic Books

The Mind of the Market

F.J.Chu       Fraser Publishing

Investment Madness

John Nofsinger     Pearson Education

Irrational Exuberance

Robert Shiller    Princeton Univ. Press

* - an alternate selection might be Trading on Volume by Donald Cassidy
(McGraw-Hill) but the author is a principal of the Institute, so a
recommendation here is not proper.