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Other Useful Websites

These three organizations, established for between 25 and 50
years, offers investor education without allowing speakers to sell
investment products (funds, tax shelters, specific stocks or bonds, etc.). 
Each has chapters in a number of cities around the USA, as detailed on their
respective websites.  Each organization allows non-members to attend
functions (usually at a slightly higher fee), so you can "check them out"
without investing a full year's membership cost.

AAII holds live meetings featuring speakers on various investment topics, and publishes software and a no-ads magazine.

BI holds local training sessions and state conventions and is more oriented to investment clubs, but individuals are welcome. 

MTA, although its logo mentions professionals, is definitely equally open to
individuals as well.  It offers the Chartered Market Technician (CMT)
designation through a three-year home study program. 

Click on an organization's logo to go to the main page of its website.