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Selling Skills and Contrarian Thinking

Only if the market went up constantly and forever and only if companies and
fund managers never faltered would the common advice to "buy and hold"
actually work.  So it is important to learn to sell as skillfully as you
buy.  Being able to sell "up" locks in above-average returns, but it
requires an independent or "contrarian" mind-set.

The Art of Contrary Thinking

Humphrey Neill        Caxton Press

When to Sell*

Justin Mamis & Robert Mamis      Simon & Schuster

Contrary Investment Strategies: The Next Generation

David Dreman        Simon & Schuster

The Aggressive Conservative Investor

Martin Whitman       Random House

* - an alternate selection might be It's When You Sell That Counts! by  
Donald Cassidy (Third Edition, Global Professional Publishing) but the author is a principal of the Institute,
so a recommendation here is not proper.